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Amy Harrop from Succeed With Content here, with my quick and easy automation solution for any niche and any experience level.

AI Printable Automation reveals the simple way to create high-quality and in-demand quick printable content...With my printable prompt software and DFY templates, printable best-sellers are faster and easier to create than ever before!

*NEW in 2024* And now we've added even MORE prompts and DFY templates!

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You Already Know the Extreme Profitability of Printables...

According to recent studies, the global market for digital products is $950 billion right now and growing.                                 https://www.nex.business/the-digital-goods-age/?doing_wp_cron=1683922696.5974280834197998046875

From planners and calendars to checklists and beyond, the demand for printables is soaring higher than ever before.

The demand for these types of easy printables is soaring higher than ever before on Etsy and beyond.

Here Are Just A Few Bestsellers.... 

Here's the problem...

1. Publishing printables that don't stand out from the crowd. Too many people are using DFY templates the wrong way, making a simple tweak or two, and then listing printables that are just like everyone else's.

2.Those that do manage to create unique, heavily customized printables spend HOURS and HOURS doing it. They either have to spend hours and hours of work, pay expensive design fees, or have cookie-cutter products.

I have the SOLUTION!

Now there is a faster, easier way to create high-quality, unique printables!

Introducing AI Printable Automation

Your *Newly UPDATED* AI Printable Automation Includes Everything Your Subscribers Need to Sell UNIQUE Printables in HOT Niches With Just A Few Clicks of Their Mouse!


  • Printable Prompt SOFTWARE: My user-friendly prompt web-based software - cloud based, super simple to use
  • Printable PROMPTS: 250 master prompts in five hot printable niches, with even more profitable sub-niches. Generate an endless number of printable content with these.
  • VIDEOS: Six over-the-shoulder demo videos for every step of the way
  • GUIDES: The right way to use AI and to give several alternatives to ChatGPT - there are so many AI tools out there and so many ways AI can optimize content generation
  • TEMPLATES: 80 Done-for-you templates with commercial rights - Includes journal, planner, checklist and tracker templates, and card/announcement templates.
  • BONUS: 40+ pages of tips and tricks to leverage AI for high-quality content that SELLS!


We've added tons more quick-action content and prompts. Buyers will now also get:

  • 24 new card and announcement templates (in both ppt and Canva) 
    • For a new total of 80 templates
  • 40 new prompts (card and announcement printables)
    • For a new total of 250 prompts


  1. Select A Prompt
  2. Click A Button
  3. Generate High-Quality Printable Output
  4. Copy and Paste your high-quality printable output into any of our included DFY templates, or any Canva, Word, PPT (or any editable) template you already have...it's that easy!

Would You Like To See How Simple It Is?

**An important note** Users can access the included prompts inside or outside the tool.

Printable Prompts AI and DFY Prompts & Templates
Do All The Heavy Lifting

There are two parts to the equation...

1. Use the Printable Prompts tool to generate massively unique printables in high-demand niches.

2. Combine them with my completely DFY high-quality templates to create even unique printables and get them to market even faster and easier.

This provides a HUGE head start with the knock-out combo of Prompts + Done-For-You templates!

AI Printable Automation is all about publishing printables that sell,  with unique content that people love.


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Buyers Absolutely LOVE AI Printable Automation...

As always, Amy hits another winner out of the park.
Amy makes AI understandable and gives you steps to success.

I did not understand the step-by-step process of how to create printables with AI.

Judy Lynn Haines  | 

I thoroughly enjoyed the training. I liked the fact that it was so straightforward and easy to follow and it made to easy to generate the content that I need for my printables.

I found using ChatGPT that it took quite some time to get the right prompts to generate suitable content but AI Printable Automation has made this process so much easier.

David Greenfield  | 

My experience is going swimmingly. I love Amy's products and the training is always easy to comprehend. I have many of Amy's products and have been satisfied with each one. Before finding this product, I found it challenging. to focus on one thing, but now I just identify one need and concentrate on fulfilling that particular need.


chris johnson  | 

I've purchased several of Amy's courses. They're always informative, easy to use, and well worth the money. AI Printable Automation is no different. I'm excited to see what the possibilities are with AI and my business. Glad Amy created yet another excellent course for her students. Thank you!!!

I've been using AI for over a year with my writing business for ideation and outlining. I haven't felt confident in using it for anything else, so this was a blessing.

Amy Ramirez-Leal  | 

Like other Amy's courses, AI Printable Automation is easy to follow and offers many Aha moments. Great value for money too. I have limited knowledge of using AI, especially ChatGPT. After going through the course I was amazed that many things are possible which I was unaware of. AI Automation is truly an eye-opener.

CY  | 

Awesome product. A real time saver.

Time consuming is in the past. Now doing things at a faster pace. Glad I purchased it!

AJ  | 



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AI Printable Automation (Front End Offer): Printable Prompts Tool Includes DFY Prompts, Templates, Video Training and more.

AI Printable Automation Quickstart (OTO #1) - This fast-action bundle contains a ChatGPT Mini-Guide, 450 more high-quality AI prompts, more DFY templates and even more bonuses...it's the perfect sales-boosting add-on to AI Printable Automation!

Popular Printables Monthly (OTO #2) - Every month, I'll give you a detailed strategy report based on a hot printable niche, highlighting sub-niches that sell, with a number of low competition options, AND provide free templates so you can start selling fast!

Seasonal Printables Quickstart (OTO #3): Discover the secret to year-round profits with these templates, videos, tips and secret strategies. You can simply customize, publish, and sell seasonal printables all year long!

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