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Hi, Amy Harrop from Succeed With Content here,...

So I'm always on the look out for new revenue opportunities from printable and digital content.

And every once in a while, I discover something truly special...

...I recently discovered a unique type of content that is super popular...while still being quite simple to create.

And surprisingly, very few people are taking advantage of this massive opportunity, with buyers in multiple niches and multiple marketplaces! 


 Customers are Searching for These On Multiple Marketplaces...
Publish Once, Sell Over and Over Again

Best-Selling Digital Goldmines...

Any Size Images

So what are Any Size Images

An any size image is also known as an SVG, or a Scalable Vector Graphic, which might be a confusing name if you don’t know what a vector is.

Simply stated, a vector is a type of graphic or image that you can shrink or expand to any size without the image being compromised.

These are simple graphics or short text saved as in SVG Format.

You can quickly publish and sell these...all with free tools and free content!

The Profit Potential Is Massive With Multiple Buyers, Niches, and Marketplaces


Etsy Searches

SVG is searched for on Etsy an average of 48,000+ times EVERY month!



Google Searches

Searches for SVG on Google also exceeds 45,000 monthly searches on average.



Etsy Sub-Niches

There are DOZENS of sub-niches in SVG files on Etsy alone with over 1,000 monthly searches and LOW competition!


Any Size Images are incredibly popular and sell to a wide variety of different buyers in many niches and marketplaces... over and over again.

Here are four of the most popular:

  1. 1
    Crafters snatch these up over and over again. They require SVGs for their craft cutting machines, like Cricut, Glowforge, Silhouette and more. 
  2. 2
    Massively in-demand for print-on-demand products. Sell to others for their own personal use, or to add value to another product they will sell such as:
    • Tote bags
    • Iron-on
    • Decals
    • Stickers
    • And so much more!
  3. 3
    Sell as clip-art for buyers to add to their digital products such as journals, cards, scrapbooks, websites and more.
  4. 4
     You can also sell your images on Fiverr or other similar websites.

Here Are Just a Few Examples of Incredibly Successful Any Size Image Products...

Any Size Image Secrets reveals everything you need to earn money selling any size images...with just a few clicks of the mouse!

This is brand-new training and implementation that has been specially created to walk you through the simple strategies for rinse and repeat success, complete with insider knowledge, tips, tricks, and templates.

This is designed for non-tech people who do not have design experience or vast technical skills...NO Huge Learning Curve & NO Special Skills Required...

To Be Clear, There’s A HUGE Market That Is Looking To Purchase These Digital Products That You Can Easily Create... And They Have Cash In Hand Right Now!

These are massively popular and have a wide-variety of buyers....

You’d be amazed at just how this type of content creates rabid fans and buyers!

And, many but not all of these buyers are on Etsy...

According to, Etsy has been steadily growing over the last 8 years and is on it's way to becoming a billion dollar marketplace.


US Alexa Rank

Ranked by Alexa as 30th in the US and 61st in the world for traffic.



Has nearly 94 million buyers and many are repeat customers.


Billion in Sales

Users’ shops generated $10.2 Billion in sales in 2020.,million%20active%20buyers%20on%20Etsy.

And this is just Etsy!

There are Multiple Popular Marketplaces
You Can Sell Any Size Images On...
Upload and Sell Over and Over

Introducing ...
Any Size Image Secrets

Any Size Image Secrets reveals everything you need to earn money selling any size images...with just a few clicks of the mouse!

This is brand-new training and implementation that has been specially created to walk you through the simple strategies for rinse and repeat success, complete with insider knowledge, tips, tricks, and templates.

This is designed for non-tech people who do not have design experience or vast technical skills...NO Huge Learning Curve & NO Special Skills Required...

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Get Access To Any Size Image Secrets:

The Easy In-Depth Any Size Image Secrets PDF Guide

This 88-page guide spells out EVERY DETAIL you will need as well as simple strategies to sell them on multiple marketplaces...Nothing is left out in this easy-to-follow guide!

  • Discover why SVGs are so incredibly in-demand and how to leverage that fervor for more sales.
  • Learn why this easy publishing model can save you time, money and effort, all while increasing your profit margin. 
  • Get insider strategies: including tips on tapping into your target audiences, easy ways to make more sales, and more.
  • Receive all the need-to-know details for easy methods to SVG lengthy technical processes or jargon here.
  • And much more!

It is jam-packed with concise and easy-to-follow instructions for the entire process from inspiration to successful sales!

Over-The-Shoulder Video Training

Besides the guide and checklists, I’ve also created a set of SEVEN easy to follow videos that show the exact steps you need to take to create these digital goldmines...using primarily free tools and resources.

Each of the videos also comes with a mini-guide transcription including step-by-step screenshots.

Because some people are visual learners, I wanted to make sure to cover all the bases and give you every advantage for getting off to a great start right out of the gate.
These videos and transcription guides will help accomplish that.

These videos cover:

  • Creating Bestselling Text-Style SVGs
  • Converting Free Images to SVGs You Can Sell
  • Free Conversion Tools
  • Checking Image Quality
  • And Much More

DFY Professionally-Created Sales Jumpstart Templates

I'm here to help you sell these even faster and easier with store and listing templates that will put you head-and-shoulders above your'll be be giving your sales a HUGE jumpstart with these Done-For-You templates!

You'll receive easy-to-edit helper templates in Canva AND in PowerPoint to make grabbing sales fast and easy.

You'll get:

15 Total Listing Background Templates 

These templates will help you get your listings up quickly in multiple marketplaces with done-for-you backgrounds. There are 5 different image designs specifically designed for:

  • Etsy
  • Creative Market
  • The Hungry JPEG

12 Social Media Templates 

These templates meet all the necessary requirements for multiple platforms and are custom-designed to pair perfectly with your products so you'll get more traffic on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. There are 3 different designs for:

  • Etsy
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

9 Shop Info Templates 

You'll save so much time on your shop promo materials with these professionally-created shop templates and complementary graphics...boost the visibility of your shop and bring in the buyers!

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Bonus Graphics

Grab these 10 text-based images to help create your own any size

General Licensing Information Template

A simple word doc that you can customize to include with your products. This template is meant to help protect your products and make clear which permissions you are granting for their use.

All templates and graphics come with full commercial use rights; you can modify and use them anyway you'd like.

So How About A Quick Peek Inside The Guide?

There are 88 pages of laser-focused content that are ripe with strategies and secret tricks for success.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover:

  • What Makes Any Size Images SUCH a Secret Goldmine - pg 12
  • Only Use the BEST: How to Identify Products with Consistent Searches - pg 23
  • What Types of Images Make Good SVGs...And Which to Avoid at All Costs - pg 44
  • 4 Little-Known Places to Find Free-For-Commercial Use Images - pg 47
  • 11 Secret, Super-Hot SVG Sub-Niches...Discover These BEFORE Your Competition Does - pg 51
  • The MOST Popular Marketplaces and Sales-Boosting Strategies for Each - pg 64
  • The many HIDDEN BENEFITS to Selling in Multiple Formats - pg 69
  • Extra Insider Tips & Tricks...Don't Miss Out on Proven Methods - pg 70
  • Licensing Requirements and Pro Suggestions...Everything You NEED to Know to Protect Yourself - pg 74
  • Bundling Bonanza---Why Customers LOVE Bundles...And Why You Should, Too - pg 76

And A Whole Lot More!

Here's What Customers Say About My Trainings: 

"Amy's Easy Content System provides great info concisely. I could get to the meat fast without wading through a lot of fluff."

~ Amy Smereck

"Ease of use. Simple laid out instructions. Lots of value for the money."

~ Daryl S Williams

"You offer very detailed training that includes action steps."

~ Lori Winslow

"Very clear and useful."

~ Javier Alvarez

"The information is easy to read and understand."

~ Greg Hain

"Extremely doable. I've created a lot of low-content products to give away and have added many new subscribers as a result. I also created low-content products as a supplement to my paid product, which increased its value so I am able to charge more for it."

~ Lexi

"Easy Content System and Content Profit Hacks have been very helpful. The training pointed me to a ton of useful resources that I would never have found on my own. The ideas and strategies on how to create content without getting frustrated or wasting a lot of time are extremely valuable."

~ Steven Wellman

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What Is Any Size Image Secrets?

Any Size Image Secrets is an in-depth, step-by-step solution that hands you everything you need to create and sell popular and highly in-demand any size images (digital SVG files) in multiple marketplaces.

I've included not only a thoroughly-researched guide jam-packed with proven strategies and simple-to-follow guidance, but also over-the-shoulder video training, dozens of custom-designed templates and graphics that are yours for the taking AND two free bonuses!

Q. Where can I sell the products I create with Any Size Image Secrets?

Where some other digital and printable niches really only have a few profitable marketplaces, the world of SVG files is massive with multiple buyers, niches, and marketplaces.

The guide will walk you through many different places where SVG products are best-sellers on a global level.

To name just a few:

  • Etsy
  • Creative Market
  • The Hungry JPEG
  • Redbubble
  • Fiverr
  • And more!

Q. How is the training delivered?

Everything is available inside the secure members’ area, which you get immediate access to once you complete your order. The printed materials are in PDF format, and the videos are in .mp4 format. The templates are in PNG and PPT format.

You can download everything from the site, and can read/view the materials via any computer, tablet or even your smartphone!

Q. Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to create income streams with little to no writing and no special skills required. This is an amazing revenue stream for both those who are looking for full-time income and those looking for a profitable side hustle.

Publishers and Low Content Creators, Authors, Bloggers, Online Marketers, Service Providers, and more!

The success strategies for creating any size images are the same across multiple categories and niches.

Q. Can I get started if I am new?

Absolutely! I show you what to do step by step. And on top of that, once you have this knowledge, you will be unstoppable and you will be on your way to printable success. Isn't that exciting? 

Q. Do I have to do any shipping or this truly a digital product?

Absolutely no shipping or inventory necessary. SVGs are truly digital products that are quick to master and even faster to copy into dozens of products...this is a true virtual opportunity.

You can work anywhere, any time and as little or as much as you'd like!

Plus, When You Get Started Today...You’ll Receive Both These AMAZING Fast Action Bonuses!

Now, let me be clear...Any Size Image Secrets is worth its weight in gold and then some.  As a matter of fact, I should be charging at least DOUBLE...

However, as my way of saying thanks for giving the profitable and easy SVG creation process a try, I want to include these bonuses at no extra cost to you when you get access today.

100 Success Quotes

With 100 different quotes about success, you're sure to find inspiration for creating your own popular text-based images in this bonus.

How to Easily Determine Image Size and Resolution - Video Training

This easy-to-follow video training leads you through the simple steps to determine the size and resolution of images.

You'll be shown two different methods to ensure the images you are considering for SVG conversion are appropriate which will save you time and energy!

Here's everything that's included today

  • In-Depth 88-Page Any Size Image Secrets Guide - This no-fluff PDF guide hands you EVERYTHING you need for simple methods to create SVGs as well as secret insider tips and tricks to ensure you stand out from the competition with easy selling strategies for multiple marketplaces. ($297 VALUE)
  • 7 Over-The-Shoulder Training Videos - This video series set walks you through the exact steps to create these digital goldmines with free and paid tools. You'll get these videos with transcriptions:                                                                      1. Creating Text-Style Images
         2. Converting Images
         3. Converting images Tools
         4. Creating Images
         5. Creating Images Tools
         6. Checking your Images
         7. Saving Your Image Files in Multiple Formats ($97VALUE)
  • 36 Custom-Made Templates & Graphics - Start out ahead of the game with these DFY listing and shop templates with versions in both Canva and much work already done for you! ($277 VALUE)
  • 100 Success Quotes: Find inspiration for all areas of your life as well as brainstorming possibilities for new text-based SVG products with these 100 quotes about success. ($29 VALUE)
  • How to Easily Determine Image Size and Resolution - Video Training:  This video training makes determining the size and resolution of images as simple as 1-2-3.($29 VALUE)


And it's backed by my rock-solid guarantee. Go through all the materials...the guide, videos, and bonuses, and see for yourself how simple it is to create high-quality purely digital products with little-to-no writing in incredibly popular any size image niches.


No Graphic Design Skills Required...
Don't Miss Out on This In-Demand Niche
With Tons Of Demand

From the nearly 90 page guide and step-by-step video training to the custom-created templates, I've included everything you need to succeed in this in-demand market.

Whether you're looking for an ongoing income or a side hustle for extra cash, SVGs are a  growing and in-demand digital market...and Any Size Image Secrets makes it easy for ANYONE to succeed in this popular niche!

Go ahead and get your Any Size Image Secrets today. You won’t regret it...I guarantee it!

Only $37

To Your Success,

Amy Harrop, Succeed With Content

p.s. There are so many ways to profit from images, and Any Size Image Secrets gives you exactly what you need to cash in on all of them...get started today.

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