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Easy AI Trendy Wall Prints reveals how to publish and sell massively popular wall art printables that ANYONE can special skills necessary!


What Are Trendy Wall Prints?

The global art market was valued at $65.1 BILLION in 2021, according to Statista! The demand for art is strong all year long, and many customers buy again and again.

What you may NOT know, is just how incredibly popular trendy wall art prints are...I'm talking about art pieces that suit a mood, fit a decor theme or have just the right colors buyers are looking for.

Not everyone is looking for art from a specific artist!  

And these wall art prints can be sold as digital downloads, printables and Print on Demand products...they are quick and easy to create and the market remains hungry all year long.

Here are just a few of these massively popular wall art niches:

  •   Mountain Wall Art
  •   Blue Wall Art
  •   Japandi Wall Art
  •   Minimalist Wall Art
  •   Bathroom Wall Art
  •   Farmhouse Wall Art
  •   Nursery Wall Art
  •   Modern Wall Art
  •   And More!

And Here Are Just A Few Bestsellers.... 

Introducing Easy AI Trendy Wall Prints

Easy AI Trendy Wall Prints Includes Everything 
Your Subscribers Need to Create 
Ready-to-sell and In-demand Printable Wall Art...

in HOT niches...
 in as little as 5 minutes with FREE AI TOOLS!


  • FIFTEEN over-the-shoulder training videos for 2+ hours of clear and beginner-friendly guidance for this powerful income stream.
  • DFY Sample Listing Template - Don't miss out on creating high-converting product listings...and turn browsers into buyers.
  • DFY Sample Tags and Prompts - These high-quality prompts and key tags will position you for easy creation of content for wall art...Quality prompts result in quality content.
  • BONUS: Easy AI Product Creation Mini-Guide - This 50-page guide reveals the EASY methods for product creation in very little time.

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50% Commissions

OTO #1


50% Commissions

OTO #2

$19.99/month $199/year

50% Commissions

OTO #3


50% Commissions

Funnel Overview
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Easy AI Trendy Wall Prints (Front End Offer): Comprehensive Video Training plus DFY listing template, tags, prompts, bonus, and more.

Easy AI Art Quickstart (OTO #1) - Everything you need to make money with digital art...harnessing the power of FREE AI tools. This includes training, guides, DFY templates, a bonus and more! 

Popular Printables Monthly (OTO #2) - Every month, I'll give you a detailed strategy report based on a hot printable niche, highlighting sub-niches that sell, with a number of low competition options, AND provide free templates so you can start selling fast!

Automated Content Solutions (OTO #3): Discover the secret to high profit publishing…With little or NO content needed! This bundle contains four of Amy's best-selling trainings. Now you can reach eager buyers in multiple markets.

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