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Hi, Amy Harrop here,

You may know that I’m absolutely crazy about low content printables and digital downloads. These easy to create products require little-to-no writing, and people buy them over and over again.

But recently, I’ve discovered a massive opportunity for easy-to-publish educational printables. And surprisingly, very few people are taking advantage of it. And trust me when I tell you that the market that I'm telling you about today is in a word... HUGE. 

 Educational Printables
Are In High Demand!

Educational products are booming so fast and virtually anyone can create educational printables that parents and teachers love.

No special training or skills are needed—anyone can do this!


All it takes is knowing what the parents and teachers are looking for, and then how to give them what they want.

This Type of Content Sells Over and Over Again...

Educational Printables Are Incredibly Popular Right Now—And Certain Types Are Bestsellers...

  • Worksheets
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Flashcards
  • Posters
  • Games
  • Busy Books

The Educational Printables Market
Is Huge...

Just One Website Alone, Teachers Pay Teachers Posted Over $30 Million in Gross Sales Last Year.

And That's Just ONE of Several Sites That Cater to The Educational Sector!

Here Are Just a Few Examples of Successful Educational Printable Income Streams...

Make No Mistake About It... This Is a Booming Market!

The Time to Tap This Market Is Right Now!

Recently, I've Discovered an Endless Uptapped Market of Buyers Who Are Looking to Purchase These...
Over and Over Again

To Be Clear, There’s A HUGE Market That Is Looking To Purchase Products That You Can Easily Create... And They Have Cash In Hand Right Now!

You’d be amazed at just how this type of content creates rabid fans and buyers. And, they are super easy to create...

And, many but not all of these buyers are on Etsy...

According to, Etsy has been steadily growing over the last 8 years and is on it's way to becoming a billion dollar marketplace.


US Alexa Rank

Ranked by Alexa as 41 in the US and 136 in the world for traffic. 



Has over 45.7 million buyers and 80% of these are repeat customers.


Billion in Sales

Users’ shops generated $4.97 Billion in sales in 2019.

And this is just Etsy! There are a number of other popular marketplaces you can also sell educational printables on quickly and easily...

Introducing Easy Learning Printables...

Easy Learning Printables reveals how create bestselling learning printables for a variety of audiences with little to no writing needed.

This is brand-new training and implementation that has been specially created to meet the high-demand for this type of content.

 No Huge Learning Curve & No Special Skills Required...

Everything I’m including will give you exactly what you need to publish fast.  In fact, 99% of the work is done for you!

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Get Access To Easy Learning Printables

The Easy In-Depth Easy Learning Printables PDF Guide

Inside, I share 14 very special 'product goldmines'—the types of learning printables that are highly in-demand. These products fly off the virtual shelves, especially with the explosion in distance learning!

I’ll take you by the hand and personally show you how to create products for these categories as well as how to sell them. This isn’t the same old stuff...

Nothing is left out.  Everything you need to succeed is included from A to Z.

  • How to identify easy, profitable learning printable topics and understand what consumers want.
  • Why easy learning printables differ from other printable products and how to take advantage of these differences.
  • Where and how to find free and low-cost graphics, images, and fonts to use in your learning printables.
  • How to leverage the huge built-in SEO audience of buyers on popular easy learning printables sales sites.
  • How to easily create learning printables using well-known software you probably already have on your computer and free software available online.
  • How to identify the best marketplace for your products.
  • How to bundle your printables to earn more profits.

The Easy Quick-Start, Step-by-Step Checklists

If you’re like me then you probably want an easy way to know which steps to take after you’ve gone through the training you’ve purchased, right?

That’s why I’ve created 3 separate checklists that lay out all the steps you need to take to get up and running quickly.  

Just pop open these checklists, follow the steps and you’ll be good to go.  Perfect for removing any guesswork from the process.

Over-The-Shoulder Video Training

Besides the guide and checklists, I’ve also created a set of easy to follow videos that show the exact steps you need to take. 

Because some people are visual learners, I wanted to make sure to cover all the bases and give you every advantage for getting off to a great start right out of the gate!

These videos will help accomplish that.

Note: The videos are a supplement to the main guide, which is the primary training.

Worksheets To Guide You Through The Creation Process

To further simplify the process of product sales, I’ve created 3 worksheets that will guide you through finding ideas for learning printables, choosing learning concepts, and ultimately deciding which learning platform is right for your content. 

To maximize your profits and get you up and running as quickly as possible, these worksheets are designed to jumpstart the process right from the beginning!

Done-For-You Solution: Best-Selling Learning Printables...

  • Beautifully designed printable templates all in easy-to-edit PowerPoint format.
  • Custom-tailored for these hot-selling easy learning printables niches.
  • Tutorial Videos revealing how to quickly change or tweak the designs. 

Finally, I’ve created DFY printables that you can use to quickly make unique and publish. These are in the most popular and in-demand learning printable niches.

With these templates, you can make the quantum leap and have your very own products up and running and ready for sale within the same day.

Oh, and there’s no special editing skills necessary.  You can load these up in PowerPoint or any slide program like Google or OpenOffice, click a few buttons to make your designs unique, and you’re good to go. It’s a true done for you setup!  

And if you get stuck, I’ve also included notes and how-to videos to show you how to edit these templates quickly and easily!

So How About A Quick Peek Inside The Guide?

There are 102 pages of non-fluff content that are ripe with strategies for the learning printables market.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover:

  • Get the inside scoop on the best target audiences for your learning printables to fast track your way to passive income profits. (p. 5-7)
  • What are the secret benefits that learning printables have over other printable products? Find out right here! (p. 13)
  • No Photoshop necessary when you use this FREE tool for all your graphic design needs. ( won’t need to download any software) (p. 65)
  • Maximize your profits by zeroing in on the 14 most popular types of easy learning printables! (p. 18-32)
  • Discover how to create products that build on each other to encourage more profitable bundle sales. (p. 35-38)
  • The simple way to make your products stand out… by appealing directly to your audience. (p. 40-43)
  • Benefit from a huge built-in SEO audience of buyers on these sites to make reaching your target buyers even easier!  (p. 71-72)
  • How to easily and quickly set up a store on popular easy learning printables marketplaces like Teachers Pay Teachers and Etsy. (p. 72-81)
  • With over 400,000 satisfied customers, this shop is excelling at one simple customer service detail. I’ll show you how you can start doing the same… (p. 84)
  • Concrete, easy-to-implement tips for succeeding in this profitable marketplace and creating products that will stand out from the crowd. (p. 82-95)

And A Whole Lot More!

Here's What Customers Say About Easy Learning Printables: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What Is Easy Learning Printables?

Easy Learning Printables lays out exactly how to create bestselling learning printables for a variety of audiences with little to no writing needed. It also includes DFY implementation, simply edit and publish!

This is completely new and different from any of my other Education training and products. This is completely brand-new training and tools designed for you to take advantage of one of the most popular niches right now.

Q. Where can I sell the products I create with Easy Learning Printables?

The training focuses primarily on Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Amazon, but you can also sell these on a variety of other sites.

Q. How is the training delivered?

Everything is available inside the secure members’ area, which you get immediate access to once you complete your order. The printed materials are in PDF format, and the videos are in .mp4 format. The templates are in PPT format.

You can download everything from the site, and can read/view the materials via any computer, tablet or even your smartphone!

Q. Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to create income streams with little to no writing and no special skills required.

Publishers and Low Content Creators, Authors, Bloggers, Online Marketers, Service Providers, and more!

The success strategies for creating easy learning printables are the same.

Q. Can I get started if I am new?

Absolutely! I show you what to do step by step. And on top of that, once you have this knowledge, you will be unstoppable and you will be on your way to printable success. Isn't that exciting? 

Q. Do I have to do any shipping myself?

Absolutely not. You can sell digital downloads, or your products can be shipped automatically for you...this is a true virtual opportunity.

I'm Also Giving You The Ultimate Content Solution:
 Done For You Editable Printables
 For All These Easy Learning Goldmines...

These come with full commercial use rights, you can modify and publish the end result  as your own.

  • Beautifully designed printable templates all in easy-to-edit PowerPoint format.
  • Custom-tailored for these hot-selling easy learning printables niches.
  • Tutorial Videos revealing how to quickly change or tweak the designs. 

Plus, When You Get Started Today...You’ll Receive These AMAZING Fast Action Bonuses!

Now, let me be clear...Easy Learning Printables is worth its weight in gold and then some.  As a matter of fact, I should be charging at least DOUBLE...

However, as my way of saying thanks for giving Easy Learning Printables a try, I want to include these bonuses at no extra cost to you when you get access today.

A Quick and Easy Guide to Using Canva

Designing anything in Canva is extremely easy! It takes the pain and hours out of sitting around trying to figure out a new program. This bonus allows you to design anything you want using the super simple interface in Canva. 

Terms of use:

You cannot resell the items as is for commercial use. You may provide flattened jpg or png files to your customers. The images may be sold as is only as a value add for a digital or printable item.

6000+ Royalty-Free Clip Art Images

This bonus has everything you need to add colorful, engaging, and fun images to all of your easy learning printables!

Tons of popular topics included such as:

  • Body Parts
  • Animals
  • Household Objects
  • Plants
  • And More!

200+ Hand-Curated, Royalty-Free Photo, Illustration, and Image Resources

A complete list of resources to find any graphic or image you might need for any type of printable you can imagine. From animal photos to world maps, all the resources you need are located in one document. Talk about a time saver!

Here's everything that's included today

  • An in-depth, 102-page guide that reveals 14 profitable and easy ways to create popular learning printable products that sell like hotcakes. ($97 VALUE)
  • Detailed, done-for-you checklists that make every step as easy as 1-2-3. ($67 VALUE)
  • Easy-to-follow, over-the-shoulder videos showing you exactly what to do next. ($97 VALUE)
  • 12 easy-to-edit, custom-designed, done-for-you templates with commercial rights. Plus tutorial videos so you can easily customize each template. ($197 VALUE)
  • 3 worksheets to guide you through the easy learning printables process from finding ideas for learning printables to choosing learning concepts and even deciding which learning platform to focus on! ($27 VALUE)
  • BONUS: A Quick And Easy Guide To Using Canva ($27 VALUE) 
  • BONUS: 6,000+ Royalty-Free Clip Art Images ($27 VALUE)
  • BONUS: 200+ Hand-Curated, Royalty-Free Photo, Illustration, and Image Resources ($27 VALUE)


And it's backed by my rock-solid guarantee. Go through all the materials, checklists, videos, and bonuses, and see for yourself how simple it is to create high-quality items with little-to-no writing in incredibly popular learning niches.

Just 29.99

Click Below To Start Creating Your Very Own Printable Publishing Empire In The Next 3 Minutes!

Just to recap, I’m going to give you 14 HIGHLY in-demand niches that you can easily focus on to create tons of easy learning printables. Plus, when you combine this information with all the templates, checklists, and printable assets I'm including today...there’s no reason you can't succeed quickly.

The only thing you need to do now is make the right choice and click the button below to get started.

Go ahead and do it now. You won’t regret it. I guarantee it.

Just 29.99

To Your Success,

Amy Harrop
Succeed With Content

p.s. Don’t miss out on the huge built-in audience for easy learning printable products!

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