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Amy Harrop here,

You may know that I’m absolutely crazy about low content printables and digital downloads. These easy to create products require little-to-no writing, and people buy them over and over again.

Products like...

  • Printables
  • Journals
  • Worksheets
  • Checklists
  • Planners
  • Puzzles
  • Coloring books
  • Card decks
  • Tutorials

And A Whole Lot More!

And surely by now, you’ve heard tons of success stories, of people raking in steady profits and royalties each month with easy-to-create products that require very little original content.

Here Are Just A Few Success Stories...

Printables and Low Content Products Represent
 One of the Fastest-Growing Segments of Content Sales...
And A Profitable Income Stream For You!

So now that you know this, the question…  

Why aren’t YOU claiming your share of a rapidly-growing and highly-profitable publishing sector?  

Then again... maybe you’re one of the growing number of publishers who are creating and marketing low-content products...  

...but just aren’t getting the sales you were hoping for!  

And if that’s the case, it’s probably because you’re not reaching enough buyers.

Well...I’m Here To Fix That!

Rest assured of one thing…  

There is a virtually-unlimited, ever-growing pool of buyers who are looking for quality printables like journals, planners, worksheets, print-on-demand, and nearly any type of content!

And I know exactly where you can find them...with no out-of-pocket or advertising costs!

This Content Marketplace Is
The Profitable Place for Your Products...
 And Here's Why


US Alexa Rank

Ranked by Alexa as 41 in the US and 136 in the world for traffic



Has over 45.7 million buyers and 80% of these are repeat customers.


Billion in Sales

Users’ shops generated $4.97 Billion in sales in 2019.

And where are all of these BUYERS?


Etsy has massive amounts of traffic (and a huge list of buyers) for rinse and repeat sales! 

Free Buyer Traffic To Your Content


  • Etsy is highly trusted, which makes people love to shop there.
  • Selling on Etsy requires very little technical knowledge.
  • Etsy ranks high in Google, another source sending you free buyer traffic.
  • Etsy is one of the most highly trafficked sites in the world! An average of over 1 million vistors a day, according to Statistica.
  • Even if you are selling on Amazon, it's easy to add Etsy.
  • Just getting started? Etsy is super easy to start with!
  • NEW: Etsy will now promote your product for you! This is a brand new program where they run and pay for advertising directly to your store, and you only pay if you make a sale....Etsy wants you to succeed and this is a no-brainer!

Etsy is the place to be...and, it’s super easy to get massive amounts of targeted buyer traffic.

If you do it the right way...

If you are want easy ongoing income, from nearly any type of digital download or print-on-demand content, you need to tap into this pool of buyer-ready traffic!

And I'm here to show you how...

Introducing Easy Printable Traffic

Easy Printable Traffic is the complete solution for easy repeat content sales, for products that require little-to-no writing. Simply rinse and repeat on Etsy, Amazon, your own website, and more!

Easy Printable Traffic reveals how to tap into free, targeted, and profitable traffic for rinse-and-repeat income streams.

Inside You'll Discover....

  • How To Grab More Sales In Minutes...Just Make These Quick Tweaks
  • How to leverage a special type of image anyone can create for instant targeted buyer traffic.
  • Tap into this traffic powerhouse with 200 million users, where 83% of visitors purchase...absolutely free!
  • The best free tools for buyer keywords...instant traffic!
  • Why and how to do this for repeat sales...and why this platform is way better than Amazon for this.
  • How to get your content in front of 335 million active monthly users and 80% repeat buyers.
  • How to leverage the site that gets 5x more engagement than Facebook.
  • Specific free places you can get free traffic, simply by dropping in your link!
  • How to let Etsy advertise and promote your content with no advertising fees.

And a whole lot more!

And That's Not All...You Get Everything You Need
 For Plug and Play FREE Traffic To Your Content

Checklists with detailed step-by-step instructions for massive buyer traffic:

Over-the-shoulder video tutorials where everything is demo'd, just follow along:

I'm Also Giving You
The Ultimate DFY Traffic Solution

Not only am I showing you how to drive buyer traffic..I give you the best DFY tool to do it!

Not only is Easy Printable Traffic a complete training and done-for-you traffic generation toolbox that practically guarantees more sales, but...

I am also giving you the solution:

Done-For-You Visual Content

Visual content turns browsers into buyers.

Prefer visual content
Want to learn more
Remember what they read visually

These beautiful, professionally-designed templates are in 3 top traffic social media-ready sizes, specifically designed for grabbing content sales. They come in easy-to-edit PowerPoint format.

And you get unlimited commercial use!

Beautifully Designed Traffic
Generation Templates
No Complicated Software Needed

What Customers Are Saying About Easy Printable Traffic 

Drive Massive Buyer Traffic...Free and Fast!

Share them on social media... and get others to help you drive traffic!

Load your social media scheduler with unique content for weeks to come! 

Create a viral buzz that not only drives traffic, but makes sales, too!

Create matching, branded content for today's top three social platforms fast!

Your Visual Traffic Generators

  • 50 beautifully designed templates in 3 sizes each... 150 total.
  • All in easy-to-edit PowerPoint format.
  • Professional sayings custom-tailored for journals, planners, printables and more.
  • An additional 50 templates with just backgrounds... that's over 200 templates total!

What People Say About
 My Profitable Content Training

"Amy's Easy Content System provides great info concisely. I could get to the meat fast without wading through a lot of fluff."

~ Amy Smereck

"Ease of use. Simple laid out instructions. Lots of value for the money."

~ Daryl S Williams

"Extremely doable. I've created a lot of low-content products to give away and have added many new subscribers as a result. I also created low-content products as a supplement to my paid product, which increased its value so I am able to charge more for it."

~ Lexi

"Easy Content System and Content Profit Hacks have been very helpful. The training pointed me to a ton of useful resources that I would never have found on my own. The ideas and strategies on how to create content without getting frustrated or wasting a lot of time are extremely valuable."

~ Steven Wellman

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Easy Printable Traffic?

Easy Printable Traffic is a complete training and done-for-you traffic generation solution that gets you more FREE buyer traffic, fast. You can use this for printables like: journals, planners, one page printables, checklists, workbooks, worksheets, and much, much more!

What kind of content can Easy Printable Traffic be used for?

  • Printables
  • Journals
  • Worksheets
  • Checklists
  • Planners
  • Puzzles
  • Coloring Books
  • Print on Demand
  • ...and a whole lot more!

How Is The Training Delivered?

The training, tutorials, and templates are all available inside the secure members’ area, which you get immediate access to once you complete your order.

Who Is This For?

Anyone who wants to create income streams with low content digital downloads and print-on-demand content.

Publishers and Low Content Creators, Authors, Bloggers, Online Marketers, Service Providers, And more!

The success strategies for building content assets are the same.

Can This Work For Any Type of Printable or Marketplace?

Yes! These visual traffic generators work for a wide variety of marketplaces, and you can use them to drive traffic to your Etsy, Amazon, educational, website, low-content products, printables, and more. 

Only 29.99

Here's everything that's included today

  • An in-depth, 70-page guide to driving massive free and repeat buyer traffic to your printables, low content products, POD, and digital products. ($97 VALUE)
  • Detailed, done-for-you checklists that make every step as easy as 1-2-3.($67 VALUE)
  • Easy-to-follow, over-the-shoulder videos showing you exactly what to do next. ($97 VALUE)
  • 150 easy-to-edit, custom-designed visual content traffic generators in 3 social-media ready sizes, plus 50 blank background templates. All in PPT. format ($197 VALUE)
  • BONUS: Hundreds of ready-to-post social quotes in dozens of niches make it easy to keep your social media traffic flowing.($37 VALUE)
  • NEW BONUS: Plus a brand NEW Print on Demand Success eBook.($37 VALUE)



200 Viral Quote Images With Commercial Use Rights

Keeping your social media feeds full (and the traffic flowing) has never been easier. You have a library of inspiring, eye-catching content to choose from. 


Print on Demand Success eBook

Do you know WHAT ELSE sells really well besides "Printables"?
Customized PRINT ON DEMAND items!

And these can be "promoted" on ETSY using the very SAME traffic methods I reveal
in Easy Printable Traffic.

Your bonus eBook - 45+ pages jam-packed with helpful guidance - will give you everything you need to start seeing success in this HOT market:

  • Hot Niches for Print-on-Demand Products
  • 6 Print Fulfillment Companies To Add Personalization To Your Products
  • 10 Fresh and Fun POD Product Ideas
  • Your Guide to Pricing Print-on-Demand Products
  • 8 Places to Sell Print-on-Demand Products
  • And more!

Click Below To Cash In On Your Profitable Publishing Empire Today!

When you think about it, it just makes sense to invest in Easy Printable Traffic today. Instead of waiting months or years, you can take advantage of primed and ready free buyer traffic right now.

And that’s the power of Easy Printable Profits. You’ll be reaching out to a huge audience of interested and repeat buyers...over and over again.

But you can’t do that if you’re not on board. And the only way to truly tap into the power of Easy Printable Traffic is by taking action today.

Only 29.99

To Your Success,

Amy Harrop
Succeed With Content

p.s. Don't miss out on this free traffic opportunity...

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