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With These Proven Strategies, Secret Tricks, and Customized Graphic Collections, You Can Start Selling Patterns  
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With Easy Repeat and Sell Designs Quickstart, you'll receive additional high-quality customized graphics in several themed collections as well as several step-by-step guides to enhance your pattern creation and give you everything you need to know about successful product research.

Informed Research + Quality Products = Greater Sales Numbers...

I'll reveal the tips and tricks that help make the pattern design process as seamless as possible.  

This publishing solution adds product research strategies and an enormous collection of commercial-free images and vector graphics to give you a huge shortcut to creating fun, super-popular repeating patterns. 

Ensure you're positioned to start selling before the competition catches on to this underground niche.

Even MORE DFY Popular Graphics

Although you received tons of wonderful templates and graphics in Easy Repeat and Sell Designs, I've included themed collections of even more graphics.

Each collection has been carefully created with matching graphic elements so that the patterns you create from them will appear cohesive. They do not have backgrounds, so you can arrange them any way you please.

All graphics are provided in both Canva and PowerPoint. 

Don't wait! Start creating your best-selling patterned products today!

Plus Over1,000 Vector Graphics
Thoughtfully Organized Into More Than 50 Useful Categories

These vector graphics include extremely helpful categories such as:

  • Banners
  • Bullets
  • Buttons
  • Charts
  • eBook Backgrounds
  • Infographic Backgrounds
  • Icons
  • Ribbons
  • Tags
  • Maps
  • Social Media Icons
  • Popular Holiday Graphics
  • And so much more!


What can you do with these?

In short, you have commercial use rights and can incorporate them into your projects.

You can...

  • Use them to create any patterned or other product to sell as a printable or digital download.
  • Create and sell print on demand products.
  • Design your own patterns with these elements and sell the license rights.
  • Incorporate them into your freelance side gig and sell them to buyers on Fiverr.

Here's Everything Else You'll Receive When You Get Access To Easy Repeat and Sell Designs Quickstart:

Canva Success Graphic Design Cheat Sheet

Everyone, no matter where they are on their graphic design journey, can benefit from a few basic graphic design tips, tricks, and reminders. I’ve compiled some of my favorite, simple steps that you can take to ensure your next design is as aesthetically pleasing as something created by a top graphic designer. 

I cover a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Common image extensions - What’s the difference? Which to use when?
  • Two key design tips that make EVERY project better
  • Color palettes - When should you use cohesive vs conflicting palettes?
  • The basic tricks in choosing a font - small changes make a BIG difference

Creating Images with AI and NightCafe

This video will guide you through the fascinating yet simple process of creating images using Artificial Intelligence and free NightCafe software.

The easy to navigate AI art generator NightCafe gives you license to sell your creations and allows you to create amazing artwork that you can use for various patterned products as well as popular products like:

  • Posters and other artwork
  • Phone Wallpapers
  • Website Backgrounds
  • Clip-art
  • And more!

You can create stunning images in mere seconds and your work can be downloaded to Canva or any graphic editing program, where you can edit and filter it even more. This is an amazing way to get one-of-a-kind designs!

Start to Finish Seamless Pattern Development

I'm excited to give you a step-by-step video walk-through in creating your first (or hundredth) pattern. This video will take you through the ENTIRE process from start to finish. Even if you've already designed some patterns before, there are handy tips here for even the most experienced low-content publisher!

  • Researching a hot niche - what's popular right now?
  • Determining your competition - see what styles and trends are selling well.
  • Finding free graphics - which types are best to use?
  • Importing into Canva for easy editing - Canva really makes the process simple.
  • Creating your very own beautiful repeating pattern!

As if that wasn't enough... 

You'll also receive two additional BONUSES!

30 Steps To Printable Success

Creating a plan for your business is essential for any entrepreneur. And this well-thought-out guide details 30 steps to build a printables brand that stands out amongst the competition.

  • Brainstorming new products
  • Legal considerations
  • Finding the right tools and resources
  • Designing your own templates
  • Strategize exposure with SEO
  • Using social media
  • And much more!

From brainstorming to expansion, 30 Steps to Printable Success includes everything needed for printables success for seasonal printables and beyond.

Product Research Guide

What is the most important first step in product creation?

Product Research!

Anybody who has ever attempted to start a business knows that research is essential. It’s the best way to identify the people in your target audience and learn what they want.

I've included this handy guide to show you how to do research that will help you narrow your focus and create products that your audience will love in four easy steps:

  1. Examine the pr-existing market for products that you’re interested in.
  2. Search for proof that the market will pay.
  3. Discover low competition niches for your product ideas.
  4. Delve into the details of specific competitors and their products.

Here's everything that's included today:

  • 2 Themed Graphics Collections - 16 professionally-designed custom graphic elements that can be easily transformed into hundreds of different minutes!  ($97 VALUE)
  • 1,000+ Vector Graphics Pack - This pack has everything...holidays, icons, backgrounds, tags and so much more. And using vectors means they'll look good at any size! ($127 VALUE)
  • Canva Success Graphic Design Cheat Sheet - There are few better resources than Canva for design and this easy-reading guide will give you shortcuts and tips galore! ($39 VALUE)
  • Creating Images with AI and NightCafe - Artificial Intelligence isn't just for tech corporations...AI can help you create truly unique graphics in literally seconds.($67 VALUE)
  • Start to Finish Seamless Pattern Development - I'll take you by the hand and walk you through the entire pattern process from research to finished best-seller in this video training. ($97 VALUE)
  • BONUS: 30 Steps To Printable Success - Creators of printables of any kind will benefit from this bonus resource that includes everything needed for printables success and more.($39 VALUE)
  • BONUS: Product Research GuideBefore beginning any product creation, it is highly advisable to have a solid understanding of the niche, the market and the competition. This guide will help you through every necessary element in four easy steps. ($47 VALUE)


To Your Success,

Amy Harrop
Succeed With Content

PS - Don't get left behind in this fast-growing niche...get a jumpstart on the pattern-creation process and fill your online shelves with hundreds of patterned products today!

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