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What is This Rare and Booming Niche?

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Printables!

In simple terms, SEL gives children tools to boost their emotional intelligence - skills like identifying emotions, staying calm under stress, resolving conflicts peacefully, and considering others' perspectives.

With these abilities, kids can develop into caring, confident, resilient and motivated individuals who are set up for success in all areas of life.

What is SEL?

At its core, SEL or Social-Emotional Learning is about helping kids cultivate five key competencies:

  • Self-awareness - being able to identify and understand your own emotions, values, and strengths.
  • Self-management - having strategies to regulate thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in healthy ways depending on the situation.
  • Social awareness - having empathy for how others think and feel.
  • Relationship skills - communicating clearly, listening actively, and cooperating to establish positive connections.
  • Responsible decision-making - making ethical choices about your behavior and social interactions based on consideration of personal and societal impacts.

SEL has been an educational focus for years, but now SEL is blowing up into a mainstream movement.

Whether it's creative posters, interactive worksheets, relatable stories or fun activity books, the demand for printable, inexpensive SEL tools is skyrocketing across homeschool, daycare, classroom and therapeutic markets.

This Niche is Profitable and Highly In Demand

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  • Emotion EasyPrint Publishing Guide:  This 60+ page guide leaves nothing out...you'll discover the secrets to easy publishing in the thriving SEL niche with simple-to-follow guidance for everything from exactly how to create your first SEL resource to expert listing and marketing strategies  ($199 VALUE)
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How About Some Examples from Successful Sellers?

To be clear, there‚Äôs a HUGE audience that is looking to purchase SEL printable and digital resources!

There is a high and GROWING demand for QUALITY, engaging SEL materials...and there is NO NEED for educational experience, technical skills or costly software or tools!

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