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Hi, Amy Harrop from Succeed With Content here.

I am always on the lookout for those elusive "unicorn" product niches...

...I'm talking about easy-to-publish printable and digital product niches with built-in high demand AND with low competition. These kind of "unicorns" can help you quickly and easily grow your audience, drive more traffic to your listings, and ultimately boost your sales.

These niches are rare and elusive...

Here's the good news...

...I have found one of those new, "unicorn" niches and I'm going to share it with you today!

With the solution I'm offering today...you can sell these easily to buyers on multiple marketplaces.

Social-Emotional Learning
or SEL!

There's an amazing opportunity brewing in the world of online publishing and print-on-demand - one that lets you publish easy products that practically sell themselves.

I'm talking about content in the red-hot niche of social-emotional learning (SEL).
Savvy publishers are striking gold over and over again.

What is SEL?

At its core, SEL or Social-Emotional Learning is about helping kids kids improve their emotional skills with simple printable activities.

  • Self-awareness 
  • Self-management 
  • Social awareness.
  • Relationship skills
  • Responsible decision-making 

In simple terms, SEL gives children tools and practice to boost their emotional intelligence. 

SEL has been an educational focus for years, but now SEL is blowing up into a mainstream movement.

Parents, teachers, counselors, childcare professionals and more are clamoring for quality SEL resources to support this critical childhood development.

And they're willing to pay premium prices for top-notch content. They are actively searching for these...

Whether it's creative posters, interactive worksheets, relatable stories or fun activity books, the demand for printable, inexpensive SEL tools is skyrocketing across homeschool, daycare, classroom and therapeutic markets.

This white-hot niche is incredibly underserved when it comes to modern, memorable and well-designed printables. That's where you come in! You can now publish and profit with SEL products that can earn recurring revenue on MULTIPLE reputable marketplaces. I give you everything you need to succeed.

This is a truly set-and-forget revenue stream!

The Massive and Growing Demand...

These are super popular and profitable on Amazon as well...

Multiple audiences and buyers are searching for these...on Amazon, Etsy and More!

Multiple Buyers.... 

There’s A HUGE Audience that is looking to purchase these...


  • Parents
  • Homeschoolers
  • Daycare Providers
  • Preschools and Head Start Programs
  • Psychologists and Therapists
  • School Counselors
  • And Others!

Why People Are Actively Searching
For SEL Content

When used properly, printables and content focused on emotions are great tools for improving emotional intelligence. The ability to recognize, understand and manage feelings helps kids succeed in school, make friends, and feel more confident.

This benefit can be proven with quantifiable data…studies have shown that students who are given SEL instruction can see an increase in grades.  One such study shows that children who participated in SEL programs saw an 11 percentile increase in their overall grades and better attendance.


These are simple to create, quick to sell and require very little writing!

Here Are Just a Few Examples of

Incredibly Successful SEL Products...

Easily Leverage Built-in Traffic and Audiences in

MULTIPLE Marketplaces...

There are many different printable niches that do well on mega-market Etsy....

...And some of those niches can also be leveraged on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing...

...But very few can sell like hotcakes on Etsy AND Amazon AND EVEN MORE busy marketplaces!

SEL is one of those rare niches.  

Etsy, Amazon, Teachers Pay Teachers, Tes, and many other online markets are desperate for this type of content.

5 Million

Over five million teachers shop on Teachers Pay Teachers. That’s equivalent to more than 2 out of every 3 teachers, and these numbers are increasing every year. The top seller on TPT has made $2 million.


Amazon is the number one place teachers visit when shopping for school supplies. And, with Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon will print and ship your products to your customers for you!  

https://  www.digitalcommerce360.com/2018/08/29/teachers-say-amazon-is-their-favorite-place-to-buy-school-supplies-this-year/



There are over over 95 million active Etsy buyers worldwide, and the majority of them shop over and over again.


Are You ready to Tap into the sky-rocketing demand for this easy-to-create-for niche?

Emotion EasyPrint: Emotional Learning Printables for Kids

Emotion EasyPrint walks you through Everything You Need To Quickly Publish Quality sEL resources on multiple massive Marketplaces...

Whether you're a brand new beginner looking for simple revenue streams or an experienced publisher wanting to add more evergreen passive income, I've done 99% of the work for you!

And THAT's why I've created Emotion EasyPrint: 
Emotional Learning Printables for Kids!

With my DFY Content and 'secret' strategies, this is truly a publishing revenue source for everyone!

Everything I'm including will give you exactly what you need to publish fast...in fact, my step-by-step guide and video tutorials, plus the done-for-you templates and AI tool recommendations will make it lightning fast!

What People Are Saying About Emotion EasyPrint

On my initial persual, this course looks well laid out and easy to follow. I am sure I'll love it and will be back for more courses!

Life for most of us is busy - adults and kids. Emotion EasyPrint provides a sure fire way of helping kids in today's frantic world.

Steph  | 

Love the training. Everything step by step. Have everything I need to get started. Thanks Amy.

Did not know how to get started. No problem now!

Terry luffman  | 

All the creative ideas and how to get started!

Aimee Sonderman  | 

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Get Access To Emotion EasyPrint: Emotional Learning Printables for Kids:

Emotion EasyPrint Quickstart Guide

Dive into the lucrative world of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) printables with my all-encompassing 60+ page guide designed to take you from novice to expert. Whether you're a seasoned publisher or stepping into the realm of educational resources for the first time, this guide is your roadmap.

You'll get an insider look at the diverse buyer landscape across platforms, from educators to parents. You'll also master optimizing listings and executing promotional strategies tailored to this market's needs. From keywords to pricing to marketing hooks that sell, this guide will rapidly accelerate your success.

Walk away with a complete SEL printables business blueprint, ready-to-sell assets, and the mindset to maximize earnings in this essential evergreen niche. Don't miss your chance to thrive in the SEL printables gold rush!

Done-for-You Template Bundle:
Publish In Minutes

Publish fast with a jam-packed bundle of market-ready templates to make your SEL resource creation 20x faster and so much easier! Simply edit and publish!

Professionally-created, these easy-to-edit templates all templates come with full commercial use rights; you can modify and publish the end result as your own.

I've also provided these beautiful templates in both PowerPoint and Canva so you can use them in whichever program you're most comfortable with.

You'll get SIX Poster Designs in different sizes for a total of 16 Templates:

You'll get TEN interactive and engaging Worksheet Templates:

And you'll get TWO DOZEN ready-made clipart images including:

Easy-to-Follow Video Training

To accompany the guide, I'm including a collection of step-by-step videos that give you an over-the-shoulder look at the easiest ways to publish and market in-demand SEL resources.

I've broken down my expert techniques, along with proven tips and tricks, into four short but thorough videos. These demo videos are straight and to the point...no unnecessary fluff here, just laser-focused strategies that save time, money and effort.

You'll be able to watch along as I take you through the entire process...in less that 30 minutes!

These videos WILL share where to find the FREE tools and resources you'll need and walk you through the exact steps to take to create...BUT that's not all...I'm also including the written transcripts for each video.

Not everyone learns best the same way and I want EVERYONE to have the same opportunities to create companion content for this booming market.

A Treasure Trove of Additional Resources:

1) Brainstorming Keywords for Your Products

Choosing the right keywords is absolutely critical when it comes to selling SEL resources - and anything else, really - online.
So how can you ensure you're using the correct, high-value keywords? This two-page sales-boosting worksheet makes keyword selection a snap! By the time you breeze through the prompts, you'll have dozens of expert-level keywords to select from!

2) Tips to Write Bestselling Product Listings
Crafting engaging and compelling product listings is another essential part of running a successful business and selling your products!
This mini-guide will walk you through six key points to creating engaging and compelling product listings that will turn browsers into buyers!

3) Mockuper Demo Video and PDF Transcript

Mockuper is a FREE mockup generator that allows you to create custom mockups for your product listings.  In this demo video, I'm going to show you how to use this powerful tool to create realistic eye catching mock-ups of your products.

I'm also including a PDF transcript with screenshots to go along with the mp4 video...however you learn best, you're covered!

4) Step-by-Step Guide: Setting Up a Teachers Pay Teachers Store

This six-page guide covers everything you need to know to set up a Teachers Pay Teachers store and list Your First Product!

Whether you’re selling inclusivity posters or stress coping worksheets, this is a great marketplace to break into and increase the number of products you sell each month with almost no extra effort.

Contained inside is everything you need to know to start your Teachers Pay Teachers store today!

Want an Inside Look at What's in the Guide???

There are 60+ pages of non-fluff content in this guide will have you up and selling SEL content...fast!

Here’s just a sample of what's revealed inside:

  • What SEL and Emotional Intelligence are...and why they are WHITE HOT publishing niches (p.3)
  • Inspiring success stories, across multiple marketplaces, and how YOU can join their ranks (p.10)
  • Pro examples of HOT SEL printables...Which niche is best? (p.17)
  • Three MASSIVE marketplaces with a built-in, hungry buyers just waiting for the SEL printables you'll create (p.25)
  • A deep dive into THREE In-Demand SEL niches...and how to create them, with step-by-step guidance. (p.32)
  • Secret tips and strategies for engaging designs...fill your shop shelves with exactly the kind of SEL resources buyers are searching for RIGHT NOW! (p.42)
  • Getting repeat customers...Are You Missing Vital Steps?(p.55)
  • The Absolute ULTIMATE Way to Drive Targeted Traffic...More Traffic = More Profit (p.60)
  • Best Tips & Tricks for SEO Success...Make sure YOUR SEL resources are what buyers find first! (p.61)
  • 10 Quick-Action Steps...Don't wait any longer; these are the next steps you need to take to get your SEL income stream started today! (p.67)

And So Much More!

Plus, When You Get Started Today...You’ll Receive This AMAZING Fast Action Bonus!

Now, let me be clear...Emotion EasyPrint is worth much, much more than the low sales price I'm offering it at...As a matter of fact, I should be charging at least DOUBLE...

However, as my way of saying thanks for giving Emotion EasyPrint a try, I want to include this BONUS at no extra cost to you when you get access today...

Etsy Profits A-Z

The guide for Etsy Profits from A to Z alone is an amazing bonus...this is a 60+ page eBook that dives into everything Etsy related:

  • Lightning-quick Etsy shop set-up
  • How to craft irresistible product listings
  • Mastering the Etsy search algorithm
  • Effective marketing strategy for FREE organic traffic

But the guide is just the beginning!

You'll also get my:

1) Etsy Profits Mindmap

2) Etsy Profits Resources Cheat Sheet

3) Etsy Profits Checklist

Together, these resources will help you succeed on the MASSIVE selling goldmine that is Etsy...get started today!

Here's everything that's included today:

  • Emotion EasyPrint Publishing Guide:  This 60+ page guide leaves nothing out...you'll discover the secrets to easy publishing in the thriving SEL niche with simple-to-follow guidance for everything from exactly how to create your first SEL resource to expert listing and marketing strategies  ($199 VALUE)
  • 50 DFY Quick-Start Templates - Leap ahead from the get-go with market-ready templates for some of the best-selling SEL niches: posters, worksheets and clipart. ($199 VALUE)
  • Laser-Focused Video Training - Four short, over-the-shoulder videos demonstrating expert techniques and FREE AI tools...exactly what you need, nothing you don't. ($177 VALUE)
  • Keyword Bonanza - My brainstorming worksheets will help you create the most eyeball-grabbing keywords out there...bringing more customers into your store. ($29 VALUE)
  • Tips for Compelling Product Descriptions - This guide explores how to turn those browsers into buyers with engaging product listings that CONVERT! ($39 VALUE)
  • Expert DEMO video - This 100% free mockup generator is a breeze to use with my expert guidance and tips...provided in both video and PDF transcript form.  ($47 VALUE)
  • Easy Teachers Pay Teachers Start-up Guide. Remember, you don't have to be a teacher to sell to teachers....This guide walks you through the entire set-up process as well as how to list your items. Nothing is left out! ($37 VALUE)
  • BONUS: Etsy Profits A to Z -  Your in-depth guide, checklist, cheat sheet and more...Etsy sellers bring in BILLIONS...join their ranks today! ($39 VALUE)


Only $37

Buyers Are Searching For These...

And, with my proven strategies, free AI and recommended tools, and secret tips and tricks, creating for this demand has never been easier...

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 Uncover the secrets: Quickly publish highly in-demand SEL content that millions of parents, teachers and others come back for again and again.......

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WITHOUT expensive tools, education experience or any special skills...

ANYONE CAN succeed in this publishing niche.  

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Amy Harrop

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To your success!

Amy Harrop

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p.s. Join in now and establish yourself in this popular niche...!

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