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Hey, Amy Harrop here...

If you're as excited about low-content printables and digital downloads as I am, get ready for a revenue-boosting revelation! I've discovered a niche that's not just high in demand, but also surprisingly low in competition.


I've discovered THREE HOT printable niches that have consistent demand all year long and are incredibly easy to create, with a little help!

Gear Up for A Global Market
Teeming With Millions of Eager Buyers

According to Statista, the worldwide market for all stationery items is set to reach a whopping
$255.7 billion by the year 2027 and a significant chunk of that comes from journals and planners.

The self-help sector is massive and only getting bigger. This is no fleeting fad.

Among the hottest niches? Printable journals!

The appetite for these journals is unwavering and robust. Buyers are actively seeking these products EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Want a Peek at Just How Massively Popular Journals Are?


Average Monthly Searches

"Journal" was searched an average of 37,561 times each month on Etsy last year!

Two of the Top 10

Amazon's Top 10 Sold Chart

At the time of writing, journals held two of the spots on the Top Ten Non-Fiction Book Chart for all of Amazon!


Journaling Niches in HIGH Demand

There are 13 printable journal niches that each average over 1,000 monthly searches on Etsy!

Here Are Just a Few Examples of Incredibly Successful Printable Journals...

Now imagine creating best-sellers for this incredibly in-demand niche with just a few clicks of your mouse...

Grow Your Audience and Make More Sales the EASY Way...With 

DFY Rebrandable Content

Why spend endless hours and a small fortune crafting content from scratch or hiring freelancers?

PLR (Private Label Rights) or rebrandable content is your golden ticket to high-quality, ready-made content that you can brand as your own. It's like having an expert in your pocket, delivering top-notch material that you can roll out instantly.

But that's not all...

With high-quality PLR, like my DFY rebrandable content, you're not just saving time and money—you're investing in rapid growth. 

Launch new products at the speed of light, seize market trends before your competitors even blink, and keep your audience hooked with fresh, engaging content.

40-50X Cheaper

It is far more affordable to license content compared with hiring a freelancer.

Saves Time

Creating high-quality content can be time-consuming and time is the most limited resource we have!

Zero Guesswork

No need to research topics, agonize over design decisions, or come up with fresh ideas.

But Be Aware...NOT All PLR is Created Equal!

Done-For-You Content you can rebrand as your own is a HUGE time and money saver, allowing you to grow your business faster and easier. But it needs to be high-quality or you'll just be collecting more useless junk and wasting space on your hard drive.

Turn to an expert with years of experience and you'll get PLR that is not just a shortcut—it's a high-quality accelerator for your business growth!

Introducing Instant Niche Journal Products Premium Rebrandable Content...

Instant Niche Journal Products Premium Rebrandable Content gives you all the Done-For-You content and tools you'll need to start publish printable journals, lead magnets, and more, in mere minutes!

This is brand-new rebrandable (PLR) content from a content expert that has been specially created to help you succeed in three EXTREMELY Popular printable journal niches that are NOT overcrowded with competition.

And I've taken care of 99% of the heavy lifting for you! The value of this rebrandable toolkit as a time and money saver cannot be measured.

Say goodbye to:

  • Costly freelancers or writers
  • Waiting endlessly for content
  • The grind of brainstorming and creating from zero
  • The hassle of diving into unfamiliar topics

I've done the legwork, researching high-demand, low-competition content, so you don't have to. This is expertly crafted content from a true authority in the field.

All you need to do is fine-tune it to suit your needs and audience!

And speaking of your audience, there is a HUGE market for printable journals and that means lots of competition from other sellers...if you don't know the secret niches.

It's vital to your success to create content that people want but that doesn’t get lost in a sea of competition.

That's why I've done the research...standing out from the crowd is not a stumbling block with the three journal niches I've discovered and am sharing with you today!

Check Out The Quality of Our Content With This Free Sample: 


Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Get Access To

Instant Niche Journal Products

Premium Rebrandable Content:

Instant Niche Journal Guide

I've created an easy to follow Instant Niche Journal Guide that hands you three journal niches that buyers are demanding and sellers haven't caught on to...yet!

Don't wait, get started with these low-competition niches today. 

This 28-page guide will reveal key buyer demographics and then provide examples of successful sellers and their top products for inspiration in the journal market.

There are also case studies and market statistics for those of you who like to peek behind the curtain and see the numbers behind the increasing demand for journals!

But the real meat and potatoes is the detailed research that gives you three HOT niches of printable journals that can truly boost your sales! By identifying a high-demand, low-competition market, you position yourself for success and handing you these top three is only the beginning...

...My guide goes in depth in providing you with a detailed profile, market demographics, proven product examples, market trends and MORE for every one of the three sub-niches that I'm including.

I also include the key components or pages for each...the specific elements that people are looking for in these types of that you can outshine the competition and give the hungry buyers exactly what they want.

Expertly-Crafted and Done-For-You Templates and Clipart...Add Your Own Tweak for Market-Ready Content

This DFY content pack is chock-full of market-ready content that will help you create your best-selling journals in as little time as possible. I'm giving you dozens of journal page templates and covers that will give you a HUGE head start past your competition...and these are templates for the pages that buyers are searching for!

You'll receive easy-to-edit helper templates in Canva AND in PowerPoint to make grabbing sales fast and easy.

So what are these mystery niches?

You'll get immediate access to DFY templates for:

  • Fitness Journals: This popular journal sub-niche has a global market and can be tweaked to appeal to many more different niches within the fitness market. You will receive:
    • 28 DFY Templates: 14 different designs in two sizes (Standard 8.5" x 11" and A4).
  • Dotted or Grid Journals: This is a journal niche that has seen a SURGE in popularity recently spawning several million dollar success stories. You will receive:
    • 32 DFY Templates: 16 different designs in two sizes (Standard 8.5" x 11" and A4).
  • Nature Journals: This fun journal niche is popular with many different demographics including a big market for children. You will receive:
    • 20 DFY Templates: 10 different designs in two sizes (Standard 8.5" x 11" and A4).

All templates and graphics come with full commercial use rights, you can modify and publish the end result as your own as a non-editable product for the end user.

  • Beautifully designed journal templates all in easy-to-edit PowerPoint format.
  • The exact same DFY templates in my favorite new online tool Canva.
  • Custom-tailored for these three hot-selling PLR niches.
  • Full commercial use rights...add your unique twist and be market-ready in minutes.

DFY Pack of Journal Clipart: I'm also adding a pack of DFY clipart with 34 absolutely GORGEOUS pieces of clipart designed specifically for these three top-selling printable journal niches!

Expert Written Content

A guide to three super-hot niches, DFY templates and gorgeous clipart...that's a LOT! But my DFY Content Packs aren't complete without multiple PLR reports that you can use for preselling your printables, building your list, growing a blog, and much, much more.

These guides are fully editable - you'll receive a Word document for each that allows you to make any changes you'd like as well as rebrand them as your own!

And each report is well organized and formatted for easy reading with several photographs and a beautiful cover.

  • Journaling for Mental Health and Well Being - This is an in-depth guide on
    how to harness the power of journaling for your mental well-being. From     understanding the science behind journaling's impact to targeted journaling techniques, this is 9 pages of journaling content that can be used as-is or broken down into dozens of pieces. 1595 Words
  • Journaling for Personal Growth and Development - This guide is your roadmap to self-discovery, growth and fun. There are sections on Goal Setting, Tracking Success, Developing Positive Habits and so many more. 2342 Words
  • The Power of Journaling to Unleash Creativity - There are so many ways to use content about sparking inspiration and igniting creativity and this report gives you 12 pages of the science behind creativity, overcoming creative blocks, real life examples, tips and so much more. 3043 Words
  • Why Journaling is a Game-Changer for Goal Setting - This transformative guide is all about leveraging the power of journaling to make your dreams a reality...with multiple hyperlinked scientific studies to back it up! 3219 Words

Plus, Exclusive Training on how to Grow Your Sales Quickly and Easily with Rebrandable Content (PLR)

Sometimes people collect PLR and then aren't sure what to do with it. We're here to make sure that doesn't happen to you!

Not only does Easy Party Planning Premium Rebrandable Content and PLR come with fully-customizable templates, reports, tip sheets and more, BUT I'M ALSO GOING TO MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE BEST STRATEGIES TO MAXIMIZE THEIR POTENTIAL PROFITABILITY!

We're including lots of valuable personal-use resources to help guide you through the process:

  • Make More Sales With Free Content - This exlusive video training from Amy provides in-depth guidance on EXACTLY how to grow your audience and make more sales. The video also comes with the accompanying PowerPoint slides because not everyone learns best the same way.
  • 30 Days to Profit from PLR - To use PLR the right way takes some understanding of how it all works together – knowledge of the best ways to make it work for your business, and how to do it for maximum return on investment – and that’s what you’re going to learn in this 30 Day Profit from PLR Challenge. 
  • PLR Repurposing Profits - The problem with many PLR buyers is that they hoard content and never use it to turn a profit – or if they do, they only use it once and miss out on a lot of revenue. There are many ways you can turn a simple $7 or $17 PLR investment into a return of thousands of dollars, if you’re proactive about it...learn more inside!
  • Simple PLR Profits - This 50+ page resource gives you MORE THAN 100 ways you can repurpose your PLR content into cash.

Benefits of Premium Rebrandable Content and PLR

Here Are Just A Few Ways You Can Leverage Instant Niche Journals: 

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging our exclusive, high-quality PLR content, positioning yourself as an authority in your niche and outshining your competitors. 

You can use benefit from this rebrandable content in variety of ways:

  • Create quick-converting lead magnets to build your audience. 
  • Rebrand and sell the content directly and keep the profits!
  • Make a few quick edits to the Journals and Sell on Etsy!
  • Turn it into an eBook
  • Create a high-value bundle
  • Publish blog posts, social media content, newsletters, videos, and more - There's enough great content here to fill your calendar.
  • Customize it and give it away as a bonus.
  • And Much more!

You can have peace of mind with our reliable licensing and usage rights, ensuring that you can confidently use, modify, and resell your rebranded PLR content in accordance with your needs!

Here's What Customers Say About My Trainings: 

Your Instant Niche Journals PLR training was super easy to access and to understand. I used it to create last-minute Christmas gifts for friends and family and could not believe how easy it was - a total life-saver for me this holiday season.

I knew nothing at all about using PLR materials or about creating "instant" products or journals until a friend suggested I explore PLR products as a way to make money from home. I Googled PLR, looked at some sites, and was very impressed with your apparent training approach. (I have been a trainer for decades and could see your course was the best for me.) So my problem was ignorance and now I'm in love with the concept and am confident I can create any item I want - not only to sell on Etsy but also to create individualized content for customers of my parenting courses. Thank you very much for providing exactly what you promised!

Cathe Bedard  | 


I was all over the place. Your program is full of strategies and ideas to help me with my business plan.

Kan  | 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What Is Instant Niche Journal Products Premium Rebrandable Content?

Instant Niche Journal Products Premium Rebrandable Content is a high-quality, expertly-crafted treasure trove of content and training designed to position you ahead of the competition for quick and easy printable sales.

Q. What Is Rebrandable Content (PLR)?

PLR, or private label rights, allows you to buy rights and claim ownership of materials to help you save time creating content. Having PLR can give you the ability to modify the pre-made content for your personal use. 

It's a time AND money saver!

Q. How is the content delivered?

Everything is available inside the secure members’ area, which you get immediate access to once you complete your order. 

You can download everything from the site, and can read/view the materials via any computer, tablet or even your smartphone!

Q. How is this content created?

The included written content is a hybrid of AI and human work. We apply artificial intelligence technology to assist us in creating high-quality content. We believe that this approach allows us to provide the highest quality content for you.

It's important to note that while we use AI in our content creation process, the final product is still the result of human effort and expertise. We have final input over the content and make any necessary changes or adjustments to ensure that it meets our high standards.

Q. Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to create income streams with little to no writing and no special skills required.

Publishers and Low Content Creators, Authors, Bloggers, Online Marketers, Service Providers, and more!

Q. Can I get started if I am new?

Yes, we include fantastic training on how to get the most out of your content. And on top of that, once you have this knowledge, you will be unstoppable and you will be on your way to printable journal success. Isn't that exciting? 

Q. What if I am unhappy with my order or have further questions?

Because this is Re-brandable Content (PLR) we do not offer a refund period. If you are unhappy with your purchase, or have questions- please reach out to our help desk if you need assistance with or are unhappy with your purchase.

Re-brandable Rights


You can edit and rebrand the content and templates to sell or give away in a non-editable format.

The templates need to be modified before use and provided to the end user in non-editable format only.


You may not re-sell the source documents or templates or pass on resell rights in any format.


You may not use my name on it.

As always, be sure you read and abide by the terms of service for any marketplace where you will distribute content

Plus, When You Get Started Today...You’ll Receive This AMAZING Fast Action Bonus!

Now, let me be clear...Instant Niche Journal Products Premium Rebrandable Content is worth its weight in gold and then some.  As a matter of fact, I should be charging at least TWICE AS MUCH...

However, as my way of saying thanks for giving Instant Niche Journal Products Premium Rebrandable Content a try, I want to include a bonus at no extra cost to you when you get access today.

15 Cool Ways to Use ChatGPT for PLR

The biggest obstacle most online marketers will face when using ChatGPT is the lack of originality in the generated content. Most of the text will be factual and read well, but will be monotonous and repetitive.
...One way to overcome this disadvantage is to use private label rights (PLR)content with ChatGPT.

This 33 page guide gives you 15 clever ways to benefit from the marriage of AI and PLR.

Here's everything that's included today

  • Instant Niche Journal Guide - An in-depth 28 page guide that reveals all the secrets you need to know to cash in on THREE of the HOTTEST niches in the booming printable journals market (WITHOUT all the competition) ($109 VALUE)
  • Over100 fully-editable templates and graphics in THREE extremely in-demand printable journal niches that are easily editable for you to customize and use to create and sell your own journals in just minutes.  ($297 VALUE)
  • Four PLR reports that are fully editable and come with beautiful covers, photographs and journal-related content exploring dozens of different angles ($197 VALUE)
  • Exclusive Training on How To Use PLR - I don't just give you a custom-designed PLR Package...I also make sure you know the most effective methods to turn a profit from it! ($197 VALUE)
  • BONUS: 15 Cool Ways to Use ChatGPT...with PLR. It's a marriage made in content heaven! ($37 VALUE)


Only $37


Don't Get Left Behind...Start Earning Passive Profits From the Global Demand for Printable Journals TODAY!

Because this is Re-brandable Content (PLR) we do not offer a refund period. I think you'll be extremely satisfied with your purchase...Go ahead and do it now. You won't regret it!

Only $37


To Your Success,

Amy Harrop ~ Succeed With Content

p.s. Join in today and unlock the secrets to consistent sales in a growing $2 billion market...

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